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song lyrics

Living like a dream

By: jaejoong

I remember you are my girl whom I really loved.

I will remember you even when the time passes by.

Your breath remains and I keep you as if you are in my arms

It might be a dream. The superficial wound I gave to you might be a deep punishment for me.

I cry for a long time because I am sorry.

You are in a different world where I don’t know. Did you erase me from your memories like I am not here although I am next to you?

I can no longer stay where you are not present.
I cry for a long time worried I will start to hate you who even love other person.

Do you have different love /Do you love different person because you are in a different world where I don’t know?

You seem you will be happy even if I am not present.
You are the only one to me wherever you are. I leave you if everything changes.

Can you smile like now even if I am not there for you?

Even if I live like this, I am like being dead
I don’t know with you…